TAG Heuer Superleggera Cheap Replica Watches

Watches and cars go together like peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, or Ren and Stimpy. Not that they’re intrinsically linked, or that you’d need one to operate the other. But Cheap Replica Watches they work together beautifully — accurate chronographs help to mark those lap times, right? While racing has gone electronic for timing, there’s something to be said about the mechanical nature of a watch paired with the raw mechanical nature of a car.

Well, actually, that’s the car you’re buying. With it, you get, along with your floor mats and undercoating, a TAG Heuer Replica Watch DBS Edition Carrera Heuer 02. I’m no expert on cars, but this is a lovely piece of machinery. For all that, the grille opening calls to mind that of a fish opening its mouth to swallow a bug. Perhaps not a glamorous association, but it still works, right? I mean, the grille opening is gulping in air for the engine.

To tie things into the car, that honeycomb look of the grille is replicated in the dial with an openwork lattice. That, along with the Aston Martin logo at 6 o’clock and the Replica Watches words “Aston Martin” on the tachymeter scale are the main cues up front. Around back you’ve got more verbiage cementing things.

It looks like the High Quality TAG Heuer Replica Watches features a forged carbon case, which should keep things nice and light. For Heuer, the association to motorsports is not a difficult one to make, and I do like how the brand has tried to pick up cues from the car rather than just slapping an Aston Martin logo on an otherwise stock piece and calling it a day. It’s also interesting to see the TAG Heuer logo popping up in the car.