High Quality Replica Watches Welcomes New Spring Drive GMT

Evolution or revolution? Where most brands pick one or the other as their strategy, Replica Watches Grand Seiko doesn’t like to be held back by such a choice, and simply applies both.

For the very first time does Grand Seiko craft the bezel of the Spring Drive GMT out of yellow gold. The use of precious metals is a more recent trend in the collection of Cheap Replica Watches, as the brand has always been very focused on using stainless steel for the majority of their watches. Combined with the gold crown and the vibrant blue dial does it give a whole new appearance to one of Grand Seiko’s most desirable sports watches.

The Spring Drive movement is one of the High Quality Replica revolutions of modern times. In essence, it combines the tradition of a mechanical movement with the precision of a quartz movement. As Grand Seiko is a manufacture for both type of movements, it allowed them to come up with this innovative solution.

Just as with a traditional mechanical movement, is caliber 9R66 solely powered by a mainspring. Thanks to a set of gears and a special rotor, a small electric charge is generated in the movement, Cheap Copy Watches which powers an electronic circuit with a quartz oscillator. This allows the Spring Drive movement to be fully mechanical, yet still, achieve an accuracy that deviates only 15 seconds a month.